Battle of the Locals

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Compete in the inaugural Chicagoland Battle of the Locals! Represent your local League and get some practice in before the 2024-2025 season begins.

Tournament structure

In this Standard format tournament, all participants will play in several rounds of Swiss via Pokémon TCG Live. After the Swiss rounds are complete, the highest-placement player for each store will move on to the Single Elimination rounds. During the Single Elimination rounds, players are encouraged to talk with the rest of their store’s players to determine the best plays to make in each round (e.g. over Discord, in person at the store, etc.).


  • First place will receive 3 booster boxes, with the store they represent receiving a booster box as well. All players in the winning store’s team will also receive 3 packs each.
  • Second place will receive 2 booster boxes
  • Third and fourth place will receive half a box each

Booster boxes for prizing are of the recipient’s choice,

(I can provide a fair amount of booster boxes at $70/box, should have a good mix of Paradox Rift, Temporal Forces, and Twilight Masquerade by this point. We can also do TCGL codes, which I’ve got a bunch of and can give away for no cost.)


(I would love to be able to stream this, or at least single elim – would have to get folks to commentate, and ensure players for streamed games are able to stream)


Interested in competing? Entry is $20 per player. Register at URL – if the store you want to compete for isn’t listed, please email us at [email protected]; stores must be part of the Play! Pokémon program to be eligible.

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