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Scott Campbell

Scott has been organizing Pokémon VGC events in the Midwest since 2018. He started a VGC scene in St. Louis, Missouri where there originally wasn’t one, but now lives in South Chicagoland and runs events in the Orland/Tinley Park area. Scott has certifications to run both Premier Challenges and Midseason Showdowns. Scott’s passion with Pokémon is community-building and goes the extra mile to build an inclusive Pokémon-loving family filled with competitive and casual players alike.

Josh Graning

Dan Hugar

Rachel Komorowski

Rob Marchant

Patrick Mont

Ross Nelson

Matthew Verive

Matthew has been running Pokémon tournaments in Chicago since May 2016. After getting hooked on Pokémon in 2004 with Pokémon LeafGreen Version, his first Organized Play event as a player was a HeartGold & SoulSilver Prerelease tournament in 2010. Since becoming a Professor, he has run every level of local event for both the TCG and VGC. Currently, Matthew is a League Leader at Good Games Chicago, helping to organize and judge Pokémon TCG and VGC tournaments.

Michael Woitalla

Are you a Judge or Tournament Organizer in the Chicago area and are not in this list? Reach out to Matthew Verive via Twitter or Facebook to be added. Your unofficial tournaments can also be added to the calendar on the front page!

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